Guess The 90's

Guess The 90's 5.0

Can you remember the 90s?

Guess the 90's will test your knowledge of the decade of Britney Spears, slap bracelets and Power Rangers.

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  • Nostalgic
  • Clear layout
  • Fun for a while


  • Very US-centric
  • Unimaginative quiz format

Not bad

Guess the 90's will test your knowledge of the decade of Britney Spears, slap bracelets and Power Rangers.

Remember the 90s?

If you were alive and conscious in the 90s then you'll find that Guess the 90's is a fun trip down memory lane. You are posed a series of questions about the decade and must get each answer right before you can move on to the next.

Questions take the form of a photo of something or someone (a person, TV program, toy, object, food, etc.) and you must guess who or what it is, using the letters available in order to fill the missing word or words.  

American bias

If you didn't live in the US in the 90s - or at least if you weren't exposed to American culture - you'll struggle with many of the questions in Guess the 90's. Many of the TV shows, toys and foodstuffs didn't make it big outside the shores of the USA, so players from other countries could be caught out.

If you get stuck on a question in Guess the 90's you can get a hint by revealing a letter or solving the answer. Hints cost coins, which you accumulate by answering questions correctly or purchasing through the game. You could argue that the hints in Guess the 90's are quite expensive. 

Lackluster presentation

When you open Guess the 90's and see the snazzy main menu for the first time you'll think you're in for a visual feast befitting the decade of garish color schemes and tie-dye. Unfortunately, the rest of the game screens dispense with the 90s stylings and, aside from the photos, it's pretty bland looking.

Nostalgic, but flawed

Guess the 90's is fun for a while as it brings back memories of things you've probably forgotten about. However, the format of the quiz is very one-dimensional. There are no extra points for quick answers, challenges, bonus rounds, or head-to-head puzzle fun like in social quiz games like QuizUp, for example. Fun for a while, but then the novelty wears off. 

If there's one thing we love, it's nostalgia! We've created a game for all the kids (adults now!) who grew up during the 1990's era! If you loved watching shows like Full House, Beavis and Butthead or Full House, this is the game for you! Can you Guess The 90s?

In the 90's we also had the best toys! So gather up your POGS and Pokemon cards to play the ultimate blast from the past! Guess The 90's!

Guess The 90's


Guess The 90's 5.0

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